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November is a New Beginning

After a productive weekend and day today (Monday) arc, arc framework is in a more easily configurable state, and orb's input system has seen some nice improvements as well making my impending work on the UI simpler.

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Arc Framework: Runthrough and Loose Ends

Today I'll be talking about arc, which is the basis for War & Adventure. This will only be of interest to developers and techish sorts; others will have to wait until tomorrow when I'll post some visuals of engine work to date.

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I'm Arcane Engineer, some may know me from gamedev.SE where I'm no. 13 out of 55000 users... I like to think I'm qualified if not as hot as some of the other hotshots ;) Procedural generation is a major focus of mine. For those not familiar with the term, it means automatic generation of content / environments as found in games like Diablo, Minecraft, XCom, Moria etc. I work in C and OpenGL to provide maximum control and responsiveness.

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